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Lifelounge Agency
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  • 02/08/11--15:20: Adidas - Goodyear
  • Adidas Goodyear shoot and promotion. When was the last time you saw shoes doing a burnout? Us neither!

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  • 02/09/11--14:41: Adidas - Bounce
  • Lifelounge created an entire strategy for Adidas Bounce around the rising popularity of the dance style of krumping. This high-energy street inspired dance style was a perfect fit for shoes that give you more bounce. Not only did we coordinate a full shoot of the dancers (and yes, that is an actual shot, not a composited photoshop file!) but we made a 'zine around the sport.

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  • 02/09/11--17:10: - Marketing
  • Not only does Lifelounge part own with Fairfax Digital, but we were responsible for the entire site build, the editorial and also the marketing. Below is a selection of our launch campaign firmly delivering the message that is you are into fashion, entertainment or music, has it covered.

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  • 02/10/11--14:50: Spring Valley - Sunnie Days
  • Lifelounge has had the pleasure of working with Spring Valley for a number of years now on multiple campaigns, most recently, we have been charged with coming up with their annual consumer promotion, Sunnie Days which sees a collaboration with Morrisey sunglasses. Lifelounge created the entire website including the photoshoot of the sunglasses. Go get a pair! [/slideshow}

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  • 04/12/11--05:04: Gatorade Replay
  • LA worked with the Gatorade team to turn around the international project in Australia, Gatorade Replay. The full build, video, audio and image uploading into the custom CMS was implemented by LA in record time! Go and check it out and enter your replay moment.

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    The latest advertising campaign for Jim Beam on Campus nationwide see Lifelounge Agency bring to life "Legends of the party" making a bronze statue, wax sculpture, topairy form, oil painting and marble statue. This shoot was extremely complex, spanning over many, many weeks working with some of the most talented photographers, make up artists and post production specialists in the business. Each image (even the topairy!) involved a real model, with full makeup and styling to make the work in post production that much more realistic. The results? We think stunning.

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  • 07/04/11--16:37: Rust + Regret
  • Brand spankin' new fashion lable Rust + Regret came to LA to create a look for them to launch thier lookbook with. Beautiful, clean images that highlight the product was our main aim.

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  • 07/04/11--17:00: Canadian Club
  • LA is Canadian Clubs below the line agency. We work on a host of creative projects throughout the year including the photoshoot for the university, bars and POS marketing. We then also create their digital strategy including iPad application development and social work on facebook.

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  • 07/04/11--17:11: Everguide
  • Everguide is Australia's ever growing, never sleeping guide to music, entertainment, arts and culture events in Sydney and Melbourne. LA created the look, the feel, the design, the marketing and yep, we built it! Check out the iPhone app, download for free and get into everguide. You won't be disappointed.

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  • 11/03/11--22:43: The Breathalizers
  • The TAC commissioned Lifelounge Agency to create a fun & an approachable breath testing squad for the 2011 Day on the Green festivals. Thus, the 80's glam/hair metal band, The Breathalizers was born.

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  • 02/07/12--17:30: The Shed Skatepark
  • Lifelounge was approached to work with the creators of The Shed skatepark on an identity, branding and were also charged with the mandate to create their website. The best part of the entire job was the fact that we were able to have a closed session in the skatepark for a few hours and get back to our roots. The beer never felt so cold after that painful reminder why we stopped skating ramp ;)

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    Lifelounge has been working with Jim Beam since 2003, creating the Jim Beam on Campus (JBOC) program. Every year, we come up with new artwork for the program, 2007 saw the party animal theme come to life with campus wildlife.

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  • 02/07/12--17:30: Adidas – Bounce The Block

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    Ice is the most potent and dangerous form of amphetamine and it can have long term, highly damaging mental and physical health consequences. To dramatize the insidious nature of this drug and bring to life the fact that dangerous chemical fertilisers are used to manufacture it, we created this ‘living’ billboard. Created by renowned Melbourne artist Corey Thomas, this billboard changed every week to portray the harm caused by ice, symbolised by a giant black creeping weed that appeared to ‘grow’ over a two-month period, slowly taking over the entire length of the signage – about 3.3 metres high and 25 metres wide. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s drug abuse scene this billboard increased community knowledge of the dangers of ice and reveals the range of toxic chemicals and substances ice is mixed with, including fertiliser. On top of amazing recall among the target audience, the ‘creeper’ billboard story was covered on every major news media outlet in Victoria, including newspapers radio and TV.

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    Pants Down. Sales Up Our assignment was simple: create a sale campaign that will stop people in their tracks. And what better way to grab the public’s attention than with some gratuitous nudity? But not just any bums, to get the look we were after we hit the streets to find some real talent. Including Hans, the Swedish backpacker with the buns of steel. (But that’s another story.) Not only was the ‘Drop Everything’ campaign a massive hit in the sales department, it was also a unexpectedly popular with some passers by who decided to get in on the act.

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  • 02/07/12--17:30: Chiko Roll
  • Chiko is definitely back. After almost a decade of inactivity, the Chiko brand was in desperate need of a major relaunch. The Chiko Chick Search 2008 campaign helped revamp and rejuvenate this beloved Aussie icon, but more work was required. Our challenge was to deliver a strong, new Chiko brand identity that extended through the whole product range, creating instant brand recognition. Based on the original hand-made look and feel of traditional milk bars and heavily inspired by Australian beach culture of the 70s, the new Chiko visual identity brought to life the values of an Aussie icon that is cheeky, down to earth and dynamic, introducing our brand to a whole new generation of consumers. Through hand drawn typography, eye-catching illustrations and strong use of brand colours, we delivered a visual identity unique in the marketplace, reminding Australia of the link between Chiko and good Aussie times. Our new corporate identity showed Australia that Chiko, more than just a tasty snack; it’s a way of life.

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  • 02/07/12--17:30: Worksafe - Body-o-matic
  • Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix when it comes to work place incidents. There are no panel beaters, precision painters, restorations or cheap and readily available replacement body parts. When you damage your body in a serious work place incident, the injury is for life. WorkSafe Victoria brought to life the terrifying consequences of work place incidents with this striking installation. A vending machine designed to sell spare body parts. The Body-O Matic™ machine was first unveiled at the National Careers and Employment Expo and it’s currently on a statewide tour of worksites and educational and training facilities, offering a free confidential safety advice 1800 phone number, email and information website.